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Colorful Cupcakes

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Q:  Can I get a different flavor from the ones you provide?

A: Yes!


Q: How do I know I'll like your cakes before my event?

A: No worries, we offer cake sampling boxes.


Q: How can I transport my cake? 

A: Please, please, please keep the cake in a cool place and drive cautiously on the road. We recommend bringing a travel buddy when picking up the cake. 


Q: How early can I place my order?

A: We ask for a one-week minimum and a one-year maximum 

Q: I braked too hard on the road and my cake is ruined, can I get a new one?

A: First of all, oh no! Second of all, contact us to see if the cake is salvageable and we can retouch any blemishes. Otherwise, we can find a solution together.

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